Cost of Attendance

Below is the estimated tuition and living expenses for the IMBA program at NTHU.
Item Domestic & Overseas Chinese Students International Students & Mainland China Students
Tuition Fees NT$44,320 NT$105,200
Credit fee(44 credits)  NT$69,520  NT$92,400
Housing NT$40,680~111,200 NT$54,080~111,200
Textbooks NT$12,000~15,000 NT$12,000~15,000
Living expense NT$192,000~360,000 NT$192,000~360,000
Total NT$358,520~600,040 NT$455,680~683,800

*Graduate dorm includes double room and single room, and the revelant fees are different with the different facilities and space. For more infomation, please contact:Students Housing Office

*The fees mentioned above are used for reference only. NTHU reserves the right to amend related fees. US$ 1 = NT$ 30.13 as of January, 2020